by David Cawston

Giving Place to God
A Passion for God Series
David Cawston
Hebrews 12:2

Many of us continue to have the struggle between our intellect and our emotions.

When I address the subject such as passion, some people want to write off the topic as sense of emotionalism.

There seems to be within the Christian world the intellectual Christians and the emotional Christians.

But passion and intellect are needed for balance in the life of the believer.

How many of us have wrestled with the very real internal sense of restraint generated by our fear of being controlled by God or worse yet losing control.

But the problem is that this fearful stance is then reinforced by our suppositions that God deals primarily with our intellect: as though our minds were the substance of our beings.

How often it fails to occur to us, that not only was God equally pleased to create our emotions, as well as our minds but He also willingly deals with us at both levels.

When someone is just intellectual or cerebral, they negate an important element of God's fullness and wholeness in our lives.

Consider the unbelievers you have met, who scoff at your Christian faith.

Belief in the resurrection is mocked and the person of Jesus
Christ is reduced at best to some humanistic representation.

They pay no attention to the abundance of outstanding writings, which give a reason intellectually, satisfying case for vital faith.

They even refuse to look at the most basic historic or scientific evidence for believing in the authenticity of the Bible, the person of Jesus Christ and His confirming resurrection.

The truth is they are afraid of faith.

Afraid to open their minds to the possibility that to give God space in their minds may cost them giving Him more than they want.

The mind is neutralized and God's entry is not allowed.

The same neutralization is no less present when believers in Christ fear giving place to the Holy Spirit's dealings with their emot ...

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