by Jerry Vines

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Steps to Happiness (19 of 20)
Series: Christianity 101
Jerry Vines
1 Thessalonians 5:16-22

Sometimes what we would like is to just hear something simple, easy to understand which can help us lead a joyful Christian life and help us experience the kind of life God promises to give us. Nothing deep. No heavy-duty theology. Just some simple, easy-to-understand instructions about how to make it on a daily basis.

In these closing verses of this letter of Paul to these young believers in Thessalonica, we really have something like this. He has been giving us theology. He has been giving us Christianity 101 and what Christianity is all about. He's been giving us the basic doctrines, the importance of the church, and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, toward the conclusion of the letter, he gives us a series of simple, easy-to-understand steps to have a happy Christian life, the life which God has made available for us in the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we will follow these steps and obey these commands, we will have a happy Christian life. We will enjoy living for the Lord. I have been saved since I was a nine-year-old boy. I have had a happy Christian life. I have enjoyed knowing the Lord. I have never regretted giving my life to Jesus when I was just a boy. The greatest thing you can do is to come to Christ at an early age. It's good to come to Christ at any age, of course. If you are old and have not given your life to Christ, by all means, give your life to Christ. You are living on borrowed time.

I want you to encourage you not to wait until you are old to give your life to Christ. Do it while you are young and follow these steps. There are about seven of them mentioned here. I have put the steps into two categories just for the purpose of our study this evening.

The first three are what I call personal steps. The next four are what I call congregational steps. That is, steps that have to do with your being a member of a church. It has t ...

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