by Jerry Vines

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The Day Of The Lord Is Coming - Part 1 (16 of 20)
Series: Christianity 101
Jerry Vines
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Paul is dealing with young believers. They are new Christians just now growing in the faith. He is laying before them some of the basic doctrines in the Bible. These are some of the basic truths in the Christian faith.

One of the truths which is fundamental in the Christian life is the truth of the coming again of the Lord Jesus. The evidence in this letter is that Paul had well grounded them in the Second Coming of our Lord.

It has been my observation, through the years in being a pastor, that one of the best ways to ground people in the faith is to teach them the truth of the coming again of Jesus. There is probably no other truth that is more settling to the faith of a child of God than the truth that one day Jesus Christ is coming again. At the conclusion of every chapter in this letter, Paul makes reference to the coming again of Jesus.

There is a tendency, especially for young Christians, to get out of balance. Warren Wiersbe said a number of years ago, ''We need to add another beatitude for Christians, Blessed are the balanced.'' If you aren't careful you can go to extremes and get out of balance in your Christian faith.

For instance, it is possible for a church to get out of balance in the matter of Bible study or of soul winning. Both of those are important. But I have noticed that churches have a tendency to go to one of two extremes. In some churches there is the tendency to dwell on studying the Word. That's important and we do that here. But they do it to the exclusion of reaching out to lost people. As result they become in-grown. All of the emphasis is on studying the Word for themselves and growing in their own life with very little interest with those who are outside the faith and need the Lord.

On the other hand, there are churches that have a tendency to go to the extreme of soul winning. They place all of the emphas ...

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