by Jerry Vines

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Your Sanctification
Jerry Vines
I Thessalonians 4:1-3

This is a book that was written to a group of new Christians. These people had just been saved. The apostle Paul is writing to them and in this letter he gives some of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. He gives the truths that we believe as God's people.
Now, in chapter 4 we are going to look at verses 1-3. I had intended to move a bit quicker through these verses but in looking at them I want to be sure that we understand what is being said here. I think you will see why, as we move along, this is so very important for us.
These verses begin with the word, furthermore. Sometimes you will find the word, therefore. This is building on what has previously been said. This is the pattern you will find in most of the writings of the Apostle Paul as he writes these letters to the New Testament churches.
In the first part of the letter, he will give doctrine or what we believe. Then having laid forth these foundational doctrines of the faith, he will draw practical applications to these doctrines. He will tell you doctrine, and then he will move from doctrine to duty. He will tell you what we are to believe. Then he will tell you how we are to behave.
He says in verse 1, "Furthermore, then we beseech you, brethren, and exhort you by the Lord Jesus." Beseech, exhort, these are strong words.
There is a disconnect in modern culture and in modern Christian circles between what Christians believe and how they are to behave. Somewhere, somehow, along the way, Christians (not all, but some) have failed to understand that what they believe is to impact their behavior.
Let me ask you a question. How many of you would say to me, I am a Christian. I name the name of Christ. The great majority of us in this building tonight are Christians.
How did being a Christian affect your life today? How did it affect you at school? How did it affect you on your job? How did it affec ...

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