by Jerry Vines

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Protecting Your Faith (10 of 20)
Series: Christianity 101
Jerry Vines
1 Thessalonians 3:3-5

For a number of weeks we have been studying I Thessalonians around the theme, Christianity 101, the basic teachings of the Christian faith. Keep in mind that these words of Paul were written originally to a congregation of believers. The believers in the church at Thessalonica were all new converts. So Paul is writing them and in the course of this writing, inspired by the Holy Spirit, he lays before us many of the great teachings of God's Word.

In the first chapter we had a look at the people in the church and what a church is made up of, who the people are, born again people called and chosen by God.

The second chapter talks a little bit about a pastor and he gave us a glimpse of his own heart and showed you a pastor's heart. He showed us what kind of a pastor every believer needs.

In the third chapter, having talked about the people and the pastor, he talks about the program, the kind of program a church needs. In this chapter it becomes very apparent by a repetition of words which occurs that a church program has to be a program that will help people grow and develop and mature in their faith. You will find a five-fold repetition in this chapter of the little term, your faith.

Look at the end of verse 2. ''To comfort you concerning your faith.

Verse 5 says this. ''I sent to know your faith.''
Verse 6 says this. ''Timothy brought us good tidings of your faith.''
Verse 7 says this. ''We were comforted over you all in our affliction and distress by your faith.''
Verse 10 says this. ''That we might perfect that which is lacking in your faith.''

Five times in this chapter he talks about your faith. He is interested, he is concerned about their faith, that their faith might grow and develop and build in the Lord.

I gave you a definition last week of what Paul means by this little term, your faith. There is a difference between THE faith and YOUR f ...

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