by Jerry Vines

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Christianity 101 (8 of 20)
We Shall Wear A Crown Someday
Jerry Vines
I Thessalonians 2:17-20

I'm calling this series Christianity 101 because Paul is writing to a group of relatively new Christians and in this book he is giving some of the basic doctrines of the Christian life. An understanding of these doctrines should help us to improve the caliber of our lives, the depth of our walk with the Lord, and the effectiveness of our witness.
We are looking at verses 17 through 20. We come to the conclusion of this second chapter which is a very personal chapter in nature. The Apostle Paul has just laid bare his heart in these verses. He has shared with us the great mission which God had given to him, the motivations which caused him to do what he did, the manner in which he had conducted himself in the days that he was with them, the message which he had shared with them, and some of the miseries that he had experienced along the way.
You may remember that he opened up the chapter in verse 2 by talking about some of the experiences he had had in Philippi. He talked about the fact that he had suffered before and that he was shamefully entreated. You may recall in the previous verses to the ones we have read, in the fifteenth verse, he talks about the fact that he has been persecuted.
So he has shared some of the tough times he has gone through. He has shared some of the difficulties, some of the hardships and persecutions that have come his way.
When you look at all the Apostle Paul went through, you might ask yourself the question sometime, is Paul downhearted and discouraged because of it. Does he feel like giving up? The answer to that question is no. Absolutely not. As we will discover in these verses Paul does not dwell so much upon the present nor the past as he does upon the future. His eyes are on the future. In verse 19 he makes mention of the crown of rejoicing at the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming. So he has his mind on the ...

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