by Jerry Vines

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The Doctrine of Suffering
Jerry Vines
I Thessalonians 2:14-16

While I was watching our boys and girls sing tonight, I couldn't help but think how wonderful it is what you parents do what you do to make it possible for them to be in a program like this. I know there is a price to pay. It's not an easy thing to get them here and to faithfully deliver them, but they are totally at your disposal in the matter and you have chosen to have them involved in a program where they are taught not only about Jesus and the Bible, but also patriotism. Where could boys and girls today be taught love of God and country better than in a ministry like this? It's very, very important.
I want to remind you that August 10, on Sunday mornings, I will begin a series of messages on the subject, Sex According to God. I'm doing this because of the near emergency situation we are in in America. It's not only out in the world, but it's in the church. We have to deal with and teach what God has to say about this subject because there is so much bad information out there. If people don't hear it from the church and hear it from God's Word, then they are not going to ever know the difference.
I truly believe this series of messages can change our families. I believe that it can reach many people for the Lord Jesus Christ. I want you to use this as a tool to invite people to come and let's pray that God will bring many, many people here who need to know the Lord. These subjects are going to be handled with sensitivity. If there is a message that I feel like might be a little strong for our boys and girls, then we will have a children's church that Sunday. I don't anticipate that, but I'm sensitive to boys and girls in that matter. I think having listened to me for 20 plus years you know that I do try to handle matters in a sensitive way. But it has to be dealt with and we are going to deal with it right out of God's Word.
In verse 14, Paul is writing to ...

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