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Christianity 101 (5 of 20)
Picking a Pastor
Jerry Vines
I Thessalonians 2:1-12

We are going slowly through this book because there are many, many wonderful teachings to be found here about the Christian life. That's why I'm calling our study, Christianity 101. In this lovely little letter, the Apostle Paul is instructing new converts.
We always have new converts in our fellowship. Many of you have been saved for a long, long time, but we always have brand new believers and it is important they understand the great doctrines of the Bible. When you see the word, doctrine, that means teaching.
It is interesting to me that every chapter in I Thessalonians concludes with a reference to the second coming of Jesus. This teaching about the return of our Lord is very important to young believers. If young believers can be grounded in the truth of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, this ties into a number of other teachings in the Bible which apply to the daily Christian life.
We are going to shift gears a little bit in the second chapter. In the first chapter he has lifted the roof off the church and shown us the people. You see in that first chapter a very beautiful picture of these new converts, what God had done in their lives, how God had worked in their salvation, and how God had brought them to salvation.
Now, having lifted the roof off the church and shown the people, in the second chapter Paul becomes, in some ways, rather autobiographical. He is going to give us here an xray of his own heart. He is going to share with them basically his mission, his motives, and his manner as he worked among them.
That's what we will find in these opening 12 verses of I Thessalonians 2.
We are going to read these verses by section rather than reading all of the 12 verses at the beginning. It is important for us to catch what Paul is saying here. He is talking in general about the church. We know that it is important for Christians to have a local church. If ...

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