by Jerry Vines

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Christianity 101 - A Snapshot of Salvation (4 of 20)
Series: Christianity 101
Jerry Vines
1 Thessalonians 1:8-10

We looked at the 8th verse last Wednesday, but I want to read the 8th verse because it leads us into 9 and 10. Here we have what I call a snapshot of salvation, what it means to be saved. I want to show you how he is basically reminding them of what happened to them when he was there and preached the Gospel. Many of them came to know the Lord as their Savior.

Paul basically is saying this, talking about these new believers in the church at Thessalonica. ''I didn't have to tell people about what had happened to you. Everywhere I went they told ME what had happened to you.'' Word had gotten around.

Let's imagine how it might have been. Let's imagine that the Apostle Paul is scheduled to speak at the church in Corinth. Word is around that the great missionary has come to the city of Corinth to preach to the believers there. So Paul thinks that particular Sunday morning service he will share with them the miracles of salvation which had taken place in the city of Thessalonica. He gets up to speak and says, ''Beloved, I want to share with you the great miracles God wrought in the city of Thessalonica, the people who were converted.'' One of the deacons stands up and says, ''Excuse me, brother Paul, did you say Thessalonica? I had a business associate who moved from Corinth to Thessalonica and he was a devil worshipper. He came over to Thessalonica and got saved and he turned to God from idols. He was gloriously converted.''

Another brother gets up and says, ''Did you say Thessalonica? I have a son, Reggie, who is a professional soccer player on the team at Thessalonica. He was playing mainly for money, but he was saved at the church. Now he is playing soccer for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is serving the living and true God.''

Then a sister gets up and says, ''Brother Paul, before you bring your message this morning, you mentioned Thessalonica ...

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