by Ernest Easley

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Homosexuality Goes Primetime
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 1:26-28
January 4, 2004

On this first Sunday morning of 2004, we are beginning a new series of messages that you will not want to miss! Not one!

For several weeks, we're going to be thinking under the heading: The Moral Collapse of America!

Now if you've ever wondered if the Bible speaks to the 21st century, your wondering will soon come to an end. In fact, I don't know if I have ever preached a series of messages anymore practical, anymore personal, anymore powerful than the series we are beginning this morning.

I not only want to encourage you to be here, I want to encourage you to invite your work associates and friends and here's why: America is in trouble! America is sick! This nation was built on a moral and spiritual foundation, and that foundation is collapsing and crumbling before our very eyes.

Today, we have the fragmented family. Divorce and its effects are at an all time high. Perversion is everywhere! Hollywood is convincing us that right is now wrong and wrong is now right. You can read everyday in the papers about sexual abuse, physical abuse, murders, drive-by shootings, gay rights.

In Romania today, the officials are begging for Bibles so that every boy and girl can read and learn about God. But in America today, Bibles and prayer are forbidden, and as America continues to turn her back upon God, the Moral Collapse is moving at a rapid pace.

So beginning this morning and for the next few weeks, we're going to discover what is causing this moral collapse and what God says about it.

Now with Bible in hand, join me this morning in the Old Testament book of Genesis. And once there, find chapter 1! Genesis chapter 1. As we begin our series of messages under the heading: The Moral Collapse of America, from the Word of God, we're thinking this morning about:

Homosexuality Goes Primetime

Genesis 1.26-28

Now ...

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