by Steve Wagers

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Giving God More (1 of 4)
Giving God More of Our THINKING!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Philippians 4: 8

Sermon Outline
1. The Thoughts to be PURGED from Our Mind!
A. We Must Purge CONDEMNING Thoughts!
B. We Must Purge CONFUSING Thoughts!
C. We Must Purge CORRUPTING Thoughts!
2. The Thoughts to be PRACTICED by Our Mind!
A. How the Peace of God is CAPTURED!
B. How the Peace of God is CONTINUED!
3. The Thoughts to be PRIORITIZED in Our Mind!
A. Those Thoughts which REFLECT the PERSON of Christ!
B. Those Thoughts which RENDER the PRAISE of Christ!

1. I recently came across a new website called "" It was launched just a few hours before the start of the New Year, and as of January 6, it has already received over 2 millions hits. It is a website designed to give those intent on making New Year's resolutions a plan, purpose and program to achieve their new goals.

2. Subscribers have the option of choosing one of the pre-prepared goals, or they can create one of their own. It also features a log-in base where one can share their frustrations of past resolutions, as well as fears for making new ones. The website encourages people to not become discouraged even if they break their new resolutions, but they can start over, and make every day a New Year.

3. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the top 10 New Year's Resolutions are to:
• Spend More Time with Family & Friends
• Become Fit in Fitness
• Tame the Bulge
• Quit Smoking
• Enjoy Life More
• Quit Drinking
• Get Out of Debt
• Learn Something New
• Help Others
• Get Organized

4. There is certainly nothing wrong with any of those things, and I would encourage SETTING new goals as we embark on a new year. However, as Christians, one goal which should be at the top of our list, is to be to all that God wants us to be in this New Year. In other words, our goal should be to "Give God More in 2004!" One way we can b ...

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