by Jesse Hendley

Jesus, The Friend of Sinners
Jesse M. Hendley

Friends, here is a letter---I'll not tell where it is from---but I am sure this friend will be glad for me to use it on the broadcast today. It begins:

Dear Dr. Hendley:

Help me! I am too ashamed to tell you about my problem. Only God knows. Once you prayed for me and God blessed me. I really need prayer. I pray, but I am weak in flesh and spirit. I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown right now. So please, won't you ask God to help and forgive me. This is very serious. How I ever got involved with this I'll never know. At first I tried to fight it. God forgive me.

I read that letter because I want to share with you my reply. In it is THE ANSWER.


I am glad that you wrote me and I want you to know there is help for you through the Lord Jesus Christ. You do not have to have a nervous breakdown and will not, if you really will believe the Lord and what I am going to tell you now from His Word.

First of all, I am glad you say you are ashamed, because that is the first part in all of it. I want you to know that God has to bring every one of us to this point where we really look at ourselves and see that we are sinners. God's Word says that all of us have sinned and continually fall short of the glory of God. It is not pleasant to wake up and realize what an evil heart we all have, but every one of us has to have it before there is any real salvation. It always brings the same result, and that is, SHAME. Do not believe for a moment that you are alone, for this is true of every human being who ever lived, from Adam's time down to this moment. That includes this preacher and everybody else. We have all SINNED. It is easy to say these words, but to come to realize it is a rather shocking experience. But it can be turned into a blessed thing, for nobody can be saved but sinners!

The Book says that Christ Jesus came into the world to SAVE SINNERS, and the Apo ...

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