by Jesse Hendley

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Love -- As Found in First Corinthians 13 (3 of 3)
Jesse M. Hendley
First Corinthians 13

Who knows God? Who is the person who is really like God? "He that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God. For God is love."

We come now to the unveiling part of love. We pass from Love's Negatives (what love will not do) to the blazing diamonds of what real love in our hearts WILL DO.

Love Beareth All Things

"Love beareth all things." It puts up with all things. It throws the mantle over criticism of others. It never tires of "carrying" others with their failures and disappointments and discouragements and sins. You see, GOD is like that! God doesn't change when WE change. We could never come up to God's level. We could never satisfy God. We would never be on the plane of God's Mind and God's Heart and God's Soul. And yet, God rejoices in us! That means, He stoops to us as a grown person would stoop to a little child and satisfy that little child. A child's mind does not satisfy the maturity of an adult mind. And so it is with God. Real love puts up with things, puts up with criticisms and failures and disappointments of others.

Believeth All Things

"Love believeth all things." It knows the possibilities of Grace in everybody. Someone says, "That man cannot change. He never will change." Oh, yes, he can change. God's love can change anybody. Love is quick to impute good motives where it cannot know them. Love never puts a wrong construction on what somebody else says. It doesn't try to insert into it something other than what the person says. Love always looks on the brighter side.

Hopeth All Things

"Love hopeth all things." It hopes on, when others without love have ceased to hope. Love never fails. The future is always bright to the man who has the love of Christ in his heart, because he has Christ dwelling there.

Endureth All Things

"Love endureth all things." It endures. It never gives out. It is stron ...

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