by Jesse Hendley

My Faith
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1

I want to speak today, friends, on "My Faith." The reason I am bringing this is that today many people's faith is being shaken by people who have no faith!

Just the other day I heard a man on a national television program. He had written a book in which he gave forth his un-faith his un-belief. He said, "There is no proof that there is a God. You cannot prove that there is a God."

Well, what about the Bible? "It is just the writings of men, like any other book."

What about Christ? "He was a good man, but he wasn't God."

All through the program this man spouted out his unbelief. Well, he has a right to do that if he wants to. This is a land of free speech, and believe me, people are free today! But it is up to us to decide what we are going to accept and what we are not going to accept.

I thank God that He is not holding anybody responsible for me but myself. I thank God nobody can think for me. I don't have to swallow their unbelief. I can think for myself. And, I'll tell you, I have thought for myself, friends, and I have a Faith. I have a real and living Faith. May I outline it for you now? I am doing this, not to press it upon anybody. I would not for a moment try to force my faith and my thoughts upon you. We can't help anyone that way. Even God cannot make someone believe who WILLS not to believe. It is written that inJesus' day, "though He had done so many miracles among them, yet believed they not on Him." He was right in their presence and did miracles that proved He was God, and yet they would not believe in Him. They had set their minds against Him, in unbelief.

I want to tell you about My FAITH, a faith that nobody can take away from me, a faith that has brought me deep and abiding peace, and I thank God for it.


First of all I believe that there Is a God. I believe there is an Almighty Person who has created all things. I believe this with all my mind. I do not accept that thin ...

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