by Jesse Hendley

On Christians Going to Law Against Each Other
Jesse M. Hendley
First Corinthians 6

Today we are taking up First Corinthians 6, and we appreciate your good letters about this wonderful epistle. I hope it will be a blessing to you. There are some wonderful things in the 6th chapter. I want to remind you that this Epistle is an epistle of CORRECTION. There was trouble in the Church at Corinth. There were many difficulties. Many things were wrong because of their lack of spirituality.

Some friends were talking last night about the fact that we have not known, since we have been Christians, of so many Christian lives getting all crossed up, of so many churches in trouble, of so many Christians "against" one another and all that sort of thing. The question was raised, Why? Why is it that God's people cannot be unified and be together as God says? We are to endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace. This is the answer to it, friend. I hope you will listen to this. There is nothing more important, after accepting Jesus, than this realization: it is only as each of us as Christians, INDIVIDUALLY, live in DAILY COMMUNION with God and Christ, in prayer and in the Word of God, that we can be guided by the Lord and His Spirit!

If a child of God does not pray and read his Bible, he is MOVING AWAY FROM God's guidance, to his OWN thinking and guidance. And, believe me, you know what happens then. You take a dozen real, born again children of God. If each one of those persons would conscientiously spend an hour on his knees, one hour out of every twenty-four, seeking God's will in the Bible and letting the Word of God speak to his heart, the result would be communion with God; and God, through the Spirit and the Word CAN GUIDE that person IN HIS WILL.

And you wouldn't find, in those twelve persons, all sorts of divergences of opinion and crossing of ideals and motivations in the work of God. There would be harmony. The same Spirit of God would ...

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