by Jesse Hendley

On Having the Mind of Christ
Jesse M. Hendley
First Corinthians 2

Beloved, we are studying the second chapter of First Corinthians. We have called your attention to the fact that the Lord presents to us here THE WISE LIFE and the fact that THE WISDOM OF THIS WORLD cannot save anybody. We have here the things of THIS world and the things of the Other World CONTRASTED.

All through the Bible we read that this world is OUT OF GOD. It means that portion of this world, human beings, who are NOT SAVED, not right with God, not in contact with God, not living the life that God says is the ONLY WISE and BLESSED LIFE, that He intends for us to live. The rulers of this world crucified Christ. The WISDOM of this world---the thoughts of men---cannot save us.

Only the Spirit of God can reveal Divine Truth to us, and God HAS REVEALED His Truth to people who LOVE Him, things which those who do not love Him cannot see and cannot hear, things that have never entered their hearts, things that God prepared FOR THEM THAT LOVE HIM. God is preparing some things! That refers to the future! We get a little of it now, but, you know, salvation is like the iceberg. One-tenth is out of water and we see it; nine-tenths is under water and UNSEEN. We have here just a LITTLE taste of the TREMENDOUS things that God has PREPARED for "those who love Him," for His lovers!

I wrote in the margin of my Bible here, "His Abrahams," for you know, Abraham was a man of FAITH, and we read that Abraham LOVED God. And God mentions that, you know. He mentions that Abraham loved Him! "Shall I hide from Abraham, My friend, this which I do?" The word FRIEND in the Hebrew is "lover." "Abraham, My lover. Shall I hide from Abraham, My lover, that which I am about to do?"

Now Abraham didn't just know God; but God revealed to him His future plans, the deep things He was preparing, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and other things to come, because Abraham was a lover of God. God could reveal to Dani ...

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