by Jesse Hendley

On Prayer
Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 11

Recently we spoke on the subject of REAL REVIVAL and the Walk With God. We took for our thought the word about Enoch. "Enoch walked with God." We took for our text Mark, the 11th chapter, where Peter said, "Master, the fig tree which Thou cursedst is withered away." And Jesus said, "I didn't do that just for your sake, or just for my sake, but to teach you a lesson on Faith in God. That was a miracle, the drying up of the life of that fig tree. I just spoke, and it dried up. It wasn't something magical. God did that because I ASKED Him to do it. God did it when I asked Him, because I had faith in HIM. That same faith that I had in God, if YOU have faith in God, YOU will see miracles also. I say unto you, Whosoever shall say unto this MOUNTAIN, 'Be thou REMOVED and be thou cast into the SEA,' and shall not doubt in his heart, but shalt BELIEVE that those things which He saith SHALL COME TO PASS, shall have whatsoever he saith."

Notice there it is SAYING, SPEAKING, things that you want done. First, the desire in the heart for miracles to be done, and then speaking them with the confidence and faith that God is going to do them.

Now, where does PRAYER come into all this? It is very vital, because THERE IS NO WALK WITH GOD without faith, and there is no real FAITH without prayer! Here it is. "Therefore I say unto you, whatsoever things ye desire WHEN YE PRAY, believe that ye receive them, AND YE SHALL HAVE THEM."

Today people are running everywhere asking people to do this for them, to do that for them, asking for help in this direction and that direction, when all the while they are NEGLECTING THE ONLY ONE WHO REALLY CAN HELP. "Make known your requests UNTO THE LORD."

We are talking about a real, vital WALK WITH GOD that sees miracles taking place, real victories for God. We called attention to the fact in our last broadcast that one reason why more people are not walking with God (not many people do walk with GO ...

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