by Jesse Hendley

On Sacrificing Unto God
Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 116

In Psalm 116 the Psalmist raised the question, "What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits unto me?" What can I give God? What CAN I give God? That leads us to the word "Sacrifice." Sacrifice actually is AN OFFERING unto God. It is giving something to God.

Let me pause here and break up a false idea. So often when we are trying to get to some truth we have to break up something that is false to get to the truth. There are some people that think we have no right to ever say we "sacrifice" anything to God. They say that because they recognize that God gives us everything. We originate nothing. Everything we have is GIVEN unto us. Life itself is God's gift, together with everything else. That is TRUE.

But let's be honest with Scripture. Here is where people miss a great BLESSING when they make that statement. Don't forget that God loves us so much, that having given us everything He counts it as actually being our very own, and He is delighted when we take it and GIVE IT BACK TO HIM. He is delighted with what we give Him! I hope that will go home to our hearts, because it is so. I can actually GIVE to God today something which delights His Heart. I can delight God's Heart! I can do things, I can say things, that actually will delight the Heart of God and all the time I am doing it I am only giving Him BACK what He gives to me. God is such a WONDERFUL Being that He loves us, gives us everything; and when we say, "Lord, I want to give something back to You," and we do give it back to Him, it delights Him. All through the Bible we learn that. Sacrifice! "What shall I render unto God for all His benefits?" I can GIVE GOD something. I can SACRIFICE unto God.

Now what IS a sacrifice? A sacrifice is something that you give to God; Not to some human being, but to God. Sacrifice is something that COSTS you something, or it is not a sacrifice. "How can it COST you something, when you just said God GI ...

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