by Jesse Hendley

Payday, Some Day
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 5:11-12

In reading the Sermon on the Mount I was struck by the number of times the word, "Reward" is used by the Lord Jesus Christ, in teaching the people the solemn fact that THE WAY WE LIVE, THINK AND ACT IN THIS PRESENT WORLD WILL HAVE ITS BEARING UPON OUR CONDITION IN THE OTHER WORLD. This lead me to the study of the truth of rewards, as found in the Word of God. As I saw that God was going to reward EVERY SOUL FOR ITS ATTITUDE AND ACTIONS IN THIS PRESENT WORLD, I realized with a sense of horror that THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ARE LIVING IN BLINDNESS TO THIS SOLEMN TRUTH! I realized that I needed to study afresh the truth of rewards and to keep it in mind and to live every day and hour in the light of the fact that Heaven is watching us, watching our attitudes, heart-thoughts and actions and putting it down in Heaven for future rewards! Then upon realizing that I needed to keep this in mind I realized that every living soul should know about this truth and keep it in mind: God help you---and me---to read and heed this solemn Voice from the Word of God.

In this study I found three things. First, the glorious rewards God will give the praying, working, witnessing, faithful CHRISTIAN! Second, the awful rewards God will give the unfaithful Christian! Third, the horrible rewards God will cause to fall upon the unsaved. (All those who ignore Him)!THE GLORIOUS REWARD GOD WILL GIVE THE FAITHFUL CHRISTIAN WHO ACCEPTS CHRIST, LOVES GOD AND HIS WORD, PRAYS, WORKS, WITNESSES AND LABORS FOR THE LORD.When a person accepts Jesus that's THE BEGINNING of the Christian life, and not the end. God is doing a great work in this world and He is pleased to use those that trust Him and believe in Him to carry on His work. He expects every believer to be busy about His Work. He Promises glorious rewards for those who work for Him. You will probably be amazed at someof the things the Lord Promises to reward us for enduring and d ...

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