by Steve Wagers

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A Man on the Run from a God on the Throne! (8 of 9)
The Biography of a Backslidden Baptist!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Jonah 4: 1-3

1. Years ago, the Virginia Medical Monthly released a story entitled, "The Woman who Grew Backwards." The story told of a woman who had grown normally, married and had three wonderful children. Life was normal, for the most part, until the husband and father died when the children were in high school. The mother doubled her devotion to her children. She even went to the extreme of changing her clothes to those of a girl in her twenties, and joined in her children's parties and fun.

2. In a few years the children noticed that as they grew older their mother was growing younger. It was a condition referred to by psychiartrists as "personality regression." It literally means, "a person walking backward." Normally, most case studies have proved that a person stops growing backward at a certain age. But not this woman. She slipped backward at the rate of 1-year for every 3 or 4 months of time that went forward. Finally, although she was 61 years old, she acted like and talked like a 6-year-old. She was sent to a sanitarium, where she insisted on wearing short dresses, playing with her toys and babbling like a child.

3. Over time, she became like a 3-year-old. She spilled her food, crawled on the floor, and cried "Mama." Backward still farther to the age of one, she drank milk and curled up like a tiny baby. She kept "walking" further and further back until ultimately she had crossed the timeline, and died. She became world famous for being the "Woman That Grew Backwards!" 1

4. Spiritually speaking, I believe that there are many Christians who may not suffer from "personality regression," but from "spiritual regression." Rather than moving closer and closer to God, they drift further and further away from God; and, many have "walked backward" so long that their spiritual life is full of dead men's bones. I beli ...

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