by Stan Coffey

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What Do These Stones Mean? (4 of 4)
Series: Promised Land
Stan Coffey
Joshua 4:19-24

Now he set up these twelve stones as a memorial, one representing each of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel to commemorate a very important, momentous event. After forty years of wandering in the wilderness, trudging around the same path day after day, month after month, year after year, eating a desert diet, living a desert existence, going through the same routine, they came to a new generation, who by faith took God at his word. They claimed the promise of God to cross Jordan and receive the Promised Land, which represents to us the spirit, filled abundant life and the best that God has to offer his people. Now you know, memorials are very important. As you know, memorials play an important part in the life of our nation. You can do to Washington, D.C. and all around you see those beautiful memorials, the Washington Monument, the memorial to Jefferson, the memorials to various other presidents, the Vietnam Memorial with over 50,000 names of those who gave their lives fighting for the cause of freedom in Vietnam. Memorials are very important around the world. You can go to West Minister Abbey, in London, and there you will find memorials to many of the great kings, great leaders, of Great Britain in the past or you can go to Leningrad and see memorials to the great Russian leaders of the past and the great soldiers of World War II who stood against the German invaders. When we were in Moscow, we had the privilege of visiting many World War II reminders because all across that land, there are memorials to the Russia soldier who against many odds stood against the enemy when Germany invaded their homeland. They do not want to forget the price that was paid during that time. Memorials are very important.

Some are very impressive. In Egypt, they have the Pyramids, which are memorials to great kings, great dynasties. Some that goes back 7,000 years. These memorials ...

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