by Jesse Hendley

How to Handle Temptation
Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 116

I want to speak to you on the subject, "How To Handle Temptation." I make no apology for this. All of us in the work of the Lord deal constantly with people whose lives have been broken because when tempted they YIELDED. They did not know how to handle the temptations of life. Many times we have seen the case of CHRISTIANS who could not handle the temptations that came their way. Yet Almighty God has given to us in His Word the answer to the great question of TEMPTATION.

Temptation Common to Man

We are living in a time when sin and temptation are running riot. Everybody has temptations! Very definitely! A lot of people don't believe that,until they are awakened to find themselves HAVING YIELDED to some temptation. Then they cry, "WHY would I have done that. I am not that kind of person!" But EVERY PERSON is tempted. EVERYBODY has temptations. Paul said in the Word, "No temptation has taken you but that which is common to man." No temptation comes your way but that which is common to all human beings.

The Bible speaks of men of God, in the Book ofJames, that were subject to like passions as we are, subject to like desires. There was the possibility of THEIR yielding to temptation, for they were but men. But these men were able to overcome and to climb the heights by the grace of God! So, we understand that everybody has temptations.

Jesus had temptations. Jesus was tempted.

I do not subscribe to the idea that the Lord Jesus, because He was God, never had a real temptation. The Bible says that Jesus WAS TEMPTED in all points, like as we are, but He never DID SIN. He never YIELDED to the temptation. He was tempted in all points. There is nothing that can come your way in the matter of temptation but that it already came the way of the Lord Jesus Christ, and HE was able to conquer all temptation, and did, and remained WITHOUT SIN.So to be tempted, friends, is not sin. It is ...

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