by Jesse Hendley

How Can I Have the Victory over Sin
Jesse M. Hendley
First John 1:9

Friends, I have here a letter from one of our friends, and she says, "Pray for me, please. It seems the devil tries to get me down. But God's power is stronger and He can help me. I am praying for the broadcast. I want to have a part in it."

"The devil tries to get me down." Sometimes it is the world, sometimes it is the flesh, sometimes it is the devil. Sometimes all three of them hit us at one time! As Christians we are in a hostile world that is always trying to keep us from God's will, either from salvation in Christ, or if you are already saved, from living for the Lord. The world, the flesh and the devil are the three enemies of our souls, always trying to sabotage our lives and short-circuit the power of God, make us sin or get out of the will of God so that God cannot use us. They seek to destroy our lives physically, mentally and spiritually and hinder the work of God. Many people need to know of the victory God has for them in Christ.

I had a telephone call from a lady at the close of one of our broadcasts recently, and she said, "What is this 'victorious life' you were talking about? I just heard you over the radio and I don't understand this expression. About three years ago I heard the phrase, 'the victorious life,' but I didn't know what it meant. I heard it again today on the broadcast. What does it mean? I thought that all we had to do was accept Jesus as our Saviour."

I explained to this dear lady about the victorious life. An unsaved person is "in the flesh" and cannot please God. Romans 8:5, "They that are in the flesh do mind the things of the flesh, and they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit." We are following either the flesh or the Spirit. If we are not saved, it cannot be the Spirit for we are walking according to the flesh.

"To be carnally-minded (fleshly-minded) is death." To think the thoughts of the flesh and live the ...

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