by Jerry Vines

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Shiloh Is Coming! (33 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 49

We are soon coming to the conclusion of our journey through the book of Genesis which takes us all the way from "In the beginning God" to the concluding portion of chapters 49 and 50. This is one of the most remarkable chapters in the entire book of Genesis, indeed, in all the Bible.
It will richly repay further study on your part.
We are coming, this evening, to the closing moments in the life of the old saint of God, Jacob. He is now on his deathbed. In just a few moments Jacob will slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of God. He is preparing himself to meet God.
Have you prepared yourself to meet God? There is a verse in the Old Testament which says, "Prepare to meet thy God." It is mandatory that people prepare to meet God. If your deathbed scene should come tonight and this be the last night that you live upon the earth, would you be ready to meet God as Jacob was?
Jacob, the old saint of God, gathers his twelve sons around him. You can almost picture the scene. Here's the old man on his deathbed and these twelve sons come into the room. Maybe they made a half circle around the bed of their father. He is getting ready to speak some final words to them.
The last words of a person are very important. What someone has to say at the very last is given special importance. When Jesus was on the cross dying, He spoke seven different times. In those seven last sayings of Jesus, before He died, we have revealed to us a picture of the perfect love of God for every one of us. How important are these final words of the Lord Jesus! The final words of a person, before they die, are important.
Jacob is going to give words of testimony. They will reveal a very strong faith in God. They will reveal a man who has walked with God and a man who is wise in the ways of God. These final words are words of testimony.
I think it would be a very good thing for all of us to give some consideration to ...

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