by Jerry Vines

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Dying Grace (32 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 47:29-48:10

We are rapidly coming to the conclusion of our study of the book of Genesis. What a fascinating, marvelous, interesting book it is.
We are coming to the closing days of one of the great heroes of the faith, a man named Jacob. He is referred to as Israel sometimes. That was the new name God gave him. When you see Israel you will know that the reference is to Jacob.
Keep in mind that Joseph has been down in Egypt. Jacob, his old father, thought he was dead. The brothers of Joseph go down there and Joseph revealed himself to them; and to their astonishment and alarm, they find out that Joseph is alive. Now they go back and tell the old dad Jacob that Joseph is alive.
In chapters 46, 47 and 48, we have the account of Jacob and all of his family going from the land of Canaan down into the land of Egypt.
We pick up now in verse 27.There we have laid before us the closing days in the life of this great hero of the faith, Jacob. He has now come into the land of Egypt. The Pharaoh has honored Joseph's family by giving them some of the choice land in Egypt. It is referred to as the land of Goshen. It was in the northeast portion of the Nile valley. It was a very fertile and fruitful land and especially good for raising cattle. You remember the Jacob is an agricultural man, a man who raises cattle. Pharaoh has honored Joseph by giving his family this beautiful piece of land. For the last seventeen years, in the life of Jacob, Jacob will spend those years with his son Joseph down in the land of Egypt. God gave Joseph to Jacob for the first seventeen years of Joseph's life and for the last seventeen of his own life.
Now Jacob is coming to the closing days of his life. He is coming to the place where all of us must eventually come. He is getting ready to move into a house. In Job 30, verse 23, it says, "For I know that thou will bring me to death, and to the house appointed for all living." In Hebrews 9, ...

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