by Jerry Vines

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Joseph: Conscience in a Sack (30 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 42

We are considering the life of Joseph, which is the last personality presented to us in the main characters in the book of Genesis. We are spending quite a bit of time on Joseph. The reason is because God's Word spends a lot of time on Joseph.

A number of years ago, a group of literary critics gathered in Boston. They took a vote on what they considered to be the finest short story ever written. Voting by secret ballot those literary critics voted that this story of Joseph is the finest short story ever written. It is indeed a magnificent story. It is a story that is filled with drama. It is a greatly moving story. It is a story which abounds with many spiritual lessons for us.

We are going to study the story of Joseph and his brothers. I want to give you a little background as I begin.

When Joseph was just a young man, his brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. They were jealous of him. His father had made him a coat of many colors. When they had the opportunity they sold him into slavery and told their father that evidently an animal had come along and killed him. For all these years, Joseph's father, Jacob, thought he had been slaughtered by an animal.

We know that Joseph has gone down into Egypt. We know that he was in Potiphar's house. We know that Potiphar's wife lied about him. We know that for a period of time he went into prison. We know that God was with him through every bit of that, and God exalted him and led him to be Prime Minister of all of the land of Egypt.

God is going to deal with the sin which the brothers of Joseph committed against him. God does not forget sin. God had not forgotten the sin that these brothers committed against Joseph. God does not forget sin. The Bible says, "Be sure your sins will find you out." God has a way of uncovering that which we try to cover. God has a way of exposing that which we try to keep in secret. So God is getting ...

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