by Jerry Vines

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Jacob: The School of Hard Knocks (24 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 29-31

We are studying the life of Jacob. There are some great men of faith in the book of Genesis. God is known as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We have studied Abraham. We have studied Isaac. We are now studying Jacob.
"Then Jacob went on his journey." The Hebrew text literally is, Then Jacob lifted up his feet. He has a new spring in his step. He has a new song in his heart. Jacob has just met the Lord. Jacob has God in his life.
You remember that he had the experience of the ladder that was sent down between heaven and earth. Jacob, the young man who was running away from home, in a sense, has a face-to-face, personal encounter with God and Jacob is saved.
But Jacob has a long way to go. Salvation is not the end of the matter, salvation is the beginning of the matter. It is one thing to be saved. It is another thing to be sanctified and surrendered to the Lord. Salvation is an event. There is that moment in time when you turn from your sin and receive Jesus as your personal Savior. Salvation is an event but sanctification is a process. Sanctification is the process of growing in righteousness. It is the process of becoming what God intended you to be when He saved you.
Salvation is an event. It happens in a moment. Sanctification is a process. It takes an entire lifetime.
Now the process of sanctification involves itself in getting some things out of our life that are there that ought not be there. When we are saved we come into our new family with all the baggage of the old life. God has to get out that dross of sin. God has to take out that leaven of the old life which consumes us. God has to do a process, a work, in our life.
That is exactly what we are going to discover in the life of the young man Jacob. You recall that Jacob is a schemer. Sometimes when we come to the Lord, it takes the Lord a little while to work on us. God is going to work on Jacob for about 20 ...

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