by Jerry Vines

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A House Divided (22 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 27:1-40

We have been away a few weeks from our study in Genesis so we need to remind ourselves that in the second division of Genesis there are four great pictures of faith. These are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. We are looking at Isaac for a little while. Isaac married Rebekah and God gave them twin boys, Esau and Jacob. That's where we are and we are going to look at this family this evening.

Genesis chapter 27 is a remarkable chapter in the Bible because the Holy Spirit lifts the roof off the family of Isaac and gives us a little glimpse of what is going on.

I wonder, if God should take your family and put it in the book for all to read, what would people read about your life as God sees your family and what is going on in your family?

That is exactly what takes place in the life of Isaac and Rebekah. Now, the family is the basic unit of society. When God sent His Son into the world, He placed Him in a family. It is basic to our culture and society. Also, if you are a believer, family is the place where great lessons of faith are learned. The family becomes a proving ground for faith and living for God. As we learn to live for the Lord, in the inner relationships of our family, it prepares us to live for the Lord when we move out on our own.

So what we have in this passage of Scripture is a family of believers. We actually see the collapse of a family of faith. They were believers, yet they had their problems. They were believers and things kind of disintegrate and go to pieces. That's a warning to every one of us tonight. When you and I know the Lord there is no guarantee that we will have things to come out the way they ought to. It is a call to us to live for the Lord. It is a reminder to us that we must demonstrate our faith in our relationships with one another in our family.

Jesus made a statement in the New Testament. He said this. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We kn ...

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