by Jerry Vines

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Isaac's Family (20 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 25:19-34

We are beginning tonight a study of the life of Isaac. We have already met him, but we are going to look at his life in particular. If someone around doesn't have a Bible, why don't you offer to share yours with them?
I would like for us to begin by giving an overview again of the book of Genesis. I want you to understand how the book of Genesis is laid out so you will know where we are. The first eleven chapters of Genesis hang together. Then chapters twelve through fifty hang together. Those opening eleven chapters of the book gives us the history of the human race. There you have four very important events. You have the creation. You have the fall which explains our fallen nature. You have the flood which explains many things geologically in the world. Then you have the account of the tower of Babel. Genesis 1 through 11, the history of the human race. Four great events.
Beginning in chapter 12 and going to the end of the book of Genesis, you have the history of the Hebrew race, the people of Israel. There you have four primary personalities. You are given the life sketches of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. As you study these chapters you will see that these four men of faith were used by God to establish the basic spiritual life of the people of God in the Old Testament. We have studied a little bit about Abraham, the great man of faith. Abraham, the man who was in a pagan land and God called him to step out by faith and follow Him. We have traced the spiritual journey of Abraham. Then we come in the opening verses of Genesis 25, that after his wife, Sarah, died he married again in his old age. Then you come down in verse 8 of the chapter and the text wraps up the story of Abraham. It tells us that Abraham died at the age of 175.
In verse 9 it says that Abraham was buried in the cave of Machpelah. Remember that his wife, Sarah, was buried there and now he will be buried there. You hear ...

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