by Jerry Vines

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Abraham, Running Ahead of the Promise (13 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 15-17

We now come to the life of Abraham, who is known as the friend of God and the father of the faithful. He is a great example of faith in the Bible. We took a little detour last week and talked about his nephew Lot and the terrible tragedy of the story of Lot.

We come to a passage of Scripture which is really going to be three chapters. I'm going to summarize and succinctly put together these three chapters for you and speak to you on the subject, Running Ahead of the Promise.

My mom will be 89 next month. She is a wonderful, wonderful cook. When I was a teenage boy, my momma could make the best homemade cookies you ever put in your mouth. One Saturday morning I opened up the refrigerator and there was a big bowl of cookie dough. I don't know about you, but I really do like cookie dough. I looked at it and I was tempted. My momma said to me, ''Now Jerry, I'm going to make some homemade cookies this afternoon. I have to go to town for a little while, but when I return I'm going to take that cookie dough and make you some homemade cookies. Momma went on off to town. I kept going to the refrigerator and opening it up and looking at that cookie dough. After a while I ran on ahead of the promise and I ate about half of that cookie dough. So when momma came back she saw what I had done, but being the resourceful person she is, was able to add some ingredients and make me some of those marvelous tasty, homemade cookies.

Abraham, in the experience we are going to study tonight, runs ahead of the promise of God. One of the things I like about the Bible is that the Bible tells the story just like it is. The Bible does not airbrush its heroes, but it shows it just exactly the way they were.

Abraham responded to the call of God by faith. God said to Abraham, ''You go out and follow me, walk by faith, and I will bless you and give you a child and you will be a father of many, many natio ...

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