by Jerry Vines

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Safe in the Ark (6 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 7

I'm speaking tonight about Noah, the ark, and the flood. I probably could not pick a better night to talk about a flood than this particular night. Genesis 6 through 9 gives to us the account of the flood.
In the sixth chapter we have the reasons why the flood was necessary and also God's divine instruction for how the ark was to be constructed.
In the seventh chapter we have the actual coming of the flood upon the earth. There is ample evidence in history and also in geology for the reality of a universal flood. Virtually all ancient civilizations have a record, a flood story. When you compare them to what the Bible has to say, the Bible is infinitely more beautiful and meaningful. But the very fact that there is an account in all of the ancient civilizations about a flood is a powerful evidence for the reality of a flood.
There is also geological evidence for a flood. Of course, this is disputed. Some geologists who do not believe in the teachings of the Bible dispute that evidence. But many godly geologists, who believe that the Bible is the Word of God, look at the evidence and come to the conclusion there was indeed a flood.
I think one of the most compelling things to me about the evidence for the flood is the fact that fossil remains of sea creatures have been found in caves in some of the tallest mountain regions on the earth. When you read the Bible account of the flood it explains many of the things we find in the world of nature. I believe that there was indeed a catastrophe. We have seen in the eruption of Mount St. Helens, for instance, that in a matter of hour such changes can cataclysmic change that would give you an idea that it had been centuries and centuries in coming about.
So, I believe that some of the appearance of age that cause some geologists to date the creation of the world at a very, very long time ago is to be explained on the basis of cataclysm, a universal flood. I c ...

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