by Jerry Vines

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Come Into the Ark (5 of 34)
Jerry Vines
Genesis 6:1-22

I want to read some very unusual verses for you beginning in Genesis 6. These are strange verses. These are verses which call out for some understanding and interpretation.

There are two main sections to the book of Genesis. The first eleven chapters have to do with the history of the human race. The remainder of the book has to do with the history of the Hebrew race. In the first 11 chapters there are four great historical events which are given to us. There is first of all the creation, chapters 1 and 2. Secondly, there is the fall, chapters 3 through 5. Thirdly, there is the flood, chapters 6 through 9. Fourth, there is the tower of Babel, chapters 10 and 11.

We come this evening to the third historical event, the account in the Word of God of the flood and the ark of Noah.

In Hebrews chapter 11 we are given a recital of the great heroes of the faith and it starts us in the book of Genesis. It starts with the creation account in the opening verses of Hebrews 11. Then it gives the history of a man named Abel and talks about his faith. It gives us next the history of a man named Enoch and it tells us about his faith. We remember in Genesis 5 that Enoch is the man who walked with God and the Bible says, "he was not for God took him." So God took this man Enoch out of the earth, but the world continued to degenerate and it brings us to the life of a man named Noah and the fascinating account in the Bible of the flood and of the ark which God provided.

I want to call your attention, first of all, as we move into these verses this evening to

I. Satan's Perversion on the Earth.

We are still seeing the ramifications of sin. The Bible says that sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. We saw sin enter into the human family in Genesis 3. Now, in Genesis 5, we have seen "and he died, and he died." We see death. We see the continuing degeneration and satanic perversion on the eart ...

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