by Jerry Vines

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Religion vs. Salvation (3 of 34)
Series: Genesis
Jerry Vines
Genesis 4

I’m moving a bit faster than I did when I took up the first chapter of Genesis. In fact, I think through the second chapter I preached about fourteen messages. But I was taking about creation verses evolution. We are moving a bit faster and this evening we are going to look at the 4th chapter. I’m going to try to give you the thrust of that particular chapter. Then next Sunday night, in our Pastors’ Conference, I will speak on the subject, The Preacher Who Walked to Heaven.’’

This evening I want to talk to you on the subject of Religion vs Salvation. Genesis 4 goes with Genesis 3. You will notice the chapter begins in verse 1 by saying, ‘‘And Adam knew Eve.’’ The two chapters are connected together because in Genesis 3 we have the introduction of sin into the human experience. In Genesis 3 we have the root of sin. In Genesis 4 we have the fruit of sin. When you read this chapter you will discover that you find the difference between religion and salvation. There IS a difference. All people on this earth who worship or who seek to go to heaven will have one of two approaches. It is either the approach of religion or it is the approach of salvation. There is a difference between the two.

Religion is man doing something to save himself. Salvation is God doing something to save man. Religion is man reaching up trying to go to God. Salvation is God reaching down to man. Religion will take a man to hell. Salvation will take a man to heaven. That’s really what this chapter is all about. It is done in a contrast between Cain and Abel.

When you read this chapter you will discover that Cain is really the feature. He is mentioned about 13 times in Genesis chapter 4. So I want to study the difference between religion and salvation by looking at the life of Cain. The Bible talks about the life of Cain in the book of Jude verse 11. It talks about the ‘‘way of Cain’’ and warns us not to go in it ...

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