by Steve Wagers

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A Journey Through Jude (3 of 8)
It's Right to Fight When You Fight for Right!
Steve Wagers
Jude 3-4


1. You don't need to hang around
me very long to find out my love
for history. As it relates to history,
I particularly love American
history; and, specifically, the wars
that have been fought in this
country, and by this country.

2. At the 21st session of the
International Congress of the
Red Cross, September 6, 1969,
it was reported that more than
90 million people had been
killed in wars since the 20th
century began. In all, 130
conflicts on 5 continents had
been waged. 1

3. By far, the most costly war in
terms of human life was World
War, from 1939-1945. The total
number of fatalities, including
battle deaths and civilians of all
countries, is estimated to have
been 54,800,000, with 25 million
Russian fatalities, and 7.8
million Chinese civilians were

4. The United States suffered a
loss of approximately 300,000
men on all fronts. And, the
country which suffered the
most was Poland with
6,028,000, or 22 percent of her
population of 27 million killed. 2

5. The material cost of WW II far
exceeded that of the rest of
history's wars put together at
an estimated $1.5 million. The
United States alone spend
approximately $530,000 in this
savage war. Costing each man,
woman, boy and girl $1,708
each. 3

6. While those numbers are tragic,
and those facts are terrible, Jude
reminds us that there is a far
greater battle taking place within
the realm of Christianity.

7. This is a battle whose
expenditures cannot be tagged to
a dollar amount because they can
only be measured in terms of
eternal impact.

8. This is a war over the
fundamentals of the faith. It is a
war over the truths of the Word of

9. Over a hundred years ago, some
of the most prestigious
universities in our country, such
as Harvard, Yale, Princ ...

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