by Jesse Hendley

God Gives Me Himself
Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 11:6

Let us look now at Hebrews 11.6. "Without faith it is impossible to please God." He who comes to God -- obviously the man who really wants God and heaven and salvation-- has to do two things. First, he must believe that GOD IS. Present tense! GOD IS. Then God becomes a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. What is the reward? The Knowledge of Himself! Sometimes people come to me and say, "Preacher, you will have rewards in heaven." You will have rewards, too, if you are faithful. We are going to deal with the subject of Rewards; they are important. But they are nothing compared with this: God gives me HIMSELF!


Sometimes you hear of wives who, if their husbands don't send them a special card or give them a special gift on a special day, they hit the ceiling. Now, listen, beloved. HE is worth more than all the cards in the world, if he loves you! Most men feel, "I don't care about cards, but I sure do want that girl's heart! I want her love! I want her care! Days and dates and all these peripheral things are all right, but give me THE PERSON." My wife is worth more than all the "cards" in the world. It's herself that I want.

I used to have a study on the second floor of my home, and nobody violated my study hours. If anybody called, my wife would safeguard those hours. The Church does wrong when they take away time from the preacher's study. There are preachers who give more time to running than they give to their study. That is so easy. The churches have forced that on preachers. I have heard it again and again. I have resisted that. I want to do as much visiting as I can, but the FIRST thing for a man of God is TIME TO STUDY for his PULPIT ministry. Don't crowd your pastor out of his time to study! Give him time with the BOOK.

I was with a preacher in Virginia one time, and after the week of meetings this man was driving with me to the airport. He said, "I ...

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