by Jesse Hendley

God Is an Enemy of Sin
Jesse M. Hendley
Ezekiel 3:17

In Ezekiel 3:17 we read, "Son of man, I have made thee a watchman over the house of Israel. Therefore hear the Word in My mouth and give them warning from Me." Here is a picture of Ezekiel as the servant of God, a watchman. Israel in the old days, you remember; they had the cities set on hills. They didn't have airplanes to drop bombs from above or long artillery to drop shells in the city so anybody attacking the city had to attack it from the ground. So they built a wall around it with strong gates so that the enemy could not penetrate the city and harm the inhabitants. When the people went to sleep at night they put watchmen on the walls. The business of the watchman was to watch for the enemy to warn the sleeping city as he saw the enemy approaching.

God Almighty uses that very definite picture, the mouthpiece of the Lord, the man who brings God's Word, God's man with God's warning message. God says to Ezekiel, I made you a watchman. You are to sound out the alarm. You are to warn the people from Me. Who was the enemy? God! God! There is a sense my friends, in which God is your enemy. It is in the sense that God hates sin and there is a hell and God will punish sin. There is a coming judgment.

So God says to Ezekiel, hear the Word at My mouth and warn them from Me. They don't know they are going to hell. They don't know that there really is a judgment day. They don't know there are consequences for sin. They don't know really and truly so warn them. Give them My message. I love them, I want to save them. But I can't save against their will. They are rushing to Me in judgment and they must be warned. I am their Enemy." Oh, beloved friends, God is an enemy of sin. Whenever a sinner persists in sin, in unbelief, and then walks away from God, God becomes his Enemy.

We read very plainly in the Word that God was turned to be their enemy. That is the scriptures conce ...

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