by Jesse Hendley

God's Called Ones -- Grace
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:1-2

Friends, I would like for you to turn with me now to Romans 1, where we are studying GRACE. Grace means many things, and we have to read many passages to get the meaning of it, and we are going to learn it as we go along. If there is one word you will want to try to master, it is the word GRACE. You'll never be able to fathom the depths of it. And today we are studying "God's Called Ones," God's people by divine call. We have taken up so far the first verse of Romans 1, Paul's word about the Gospel. He is writing to the Roman Christians, and he is telling the people of God there that he is a CALLED missionary, by divine call, that JESUS CALLED him, that he didn't call himself; and that they were Christians and that's not because they called themselves, but Jesus called them; that they were the work of Christ. He is going to outline to them God's great, wonderful GRACE: SALVATION BY GRACE, PLUS NOTHING.

"Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an Apostle, and separated unto the Gospel of God. We have studied the word SERVANT and found that it meant "bondslave." We have studied the word CALLED and found that it meant JESUS CALLED us. We studied the word SEPARATED unto the Gospel of God, and we found that it was Paul's business to give himself totally to giving out the Message of God's Good News to sinners that salvation is for them.

Now notice in verse 2 he said, "Which He had promised afore by His prophets in the Holy Scriptures." God promised "afore." AFORE is old language, of course, some three hundred years old. God's promise BEFORE; that is, BEFORE Jesus ever came. All throughthe Old Testament God made a promise that He was going to send a Redeemer for man's sin. You see, in Genesis 1 through 3, we have SIN coming into the world. In Genesis 1 you have God, and everything is fine. In Genesis 2 God creates man perfect. There was a perfect man! He didn't have an evil thou ...

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