by Jesse Hendley

God's Child Walking in Darkness, Not a Ray of Life
Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 50:10

We are completing now a study we began on GOD'S WORD OF COMFORT to His child walking in darkness and having no light. Our text is Isaiah 50:10 where God says, "Who is among you that FEARETH THE LORD and that OBEYETH the voice of His servant, and that walketh in darkness and hath no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord. Let him stay upon (rely, prop himself up against) his God."

In our previous study we called attention to the fact that many people allow adverse circumstances to bring them to discouragement and fainting and doubting, until they actually doubt whether they have been saved or not. We called attention from God's own Word that OUTWARD CIRCUMSTANCES are no gauge of the soul's well-being or ill-being, of our relationship to God accurately, or of our salvation. You cannot tell, and I cannot tell, another person's relationship to God by their CIRCUMSTANCES. You cannot tell by circumstances that come my way whether I am saved or not, whether I am right with God or not, whether my soul is healthy or not. Adverse circumstances are no gauge of the SOUL'S condition in the eyes of God.

Now we drove that home with the story of THE BEGGAR in Luke 16, and with the story of JOSEPH in the Book of Genesis and in Psalm 105, and with the story of DANIEL. There are many OTHER illustrations of this truth in the Bible. The Bible is filled with this truth! But those three were outstanding, and we presented them to you because they ARE so very, very clear.

We found that nobody could have had WORSE circumstances than the beggar. He was outside the gate of the rich man, and yet when he died God sent an escort of angels to take him to heaven! He was God's child, even though he was a beggar. God allowed him to be a beggar. Why, I do not know, except that God meant it for GOOD. God meant it in LOVE, as He does everything. All that God does is in LOVE. He IS LOVE. He can't do an ...

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