by Jesse Hendley

First Corinthians
Jesse M. Hendley
First Corinthians

First, let us look at the 18th Chapter of Acts, which is the setting of this study. Paul went to Corinth in his missionary journeys and preached the Gospel, and we find in Acts 18 Paul establishing the church at Corinth. We call your attention to the fact that some of the epistles of Paul were not written to churches which he established. For instance the Roman epistle. He did not establish the Roman church. We do notknow who did. There was the Colossian epistle, and others, which we know that Paul did not establish, and yet he wrote to them as having the authority of the Apostle to the Gentiles. But this church he writes to is his own church. The Philippians were "his own church, and we are going to deal with this passage tonight. The interesting thing about Corinth that we would like to see at the very outset, it was the place where Paul began to write these marvelous letters. He wrote 1st and 2nd Thessalonians from Corinth, and He wrote probably Romans and Galatians, and so it was in that place that he began his writings.

I would like to remind you again that Paul did not begin to write immediately after his conversion. There was a period of quietness in his life that we know very little about from the records, immediately after the conversion of Paul, and for several years, even after he began his missionary journeys he did not write until these letters were called forth becauseof conditions in the church. That is why they are worth so much to us today, because of what they had to face back there in the first century we are having to face today, along the same lines. The Devil is the same, the world is the same and the flesh is the same. That is why God has given to us these epistles that have come down to us today.

Turn to Acts 18 and let us look just for a moment at this setting. We read in verse 1, "After these things Paul departed from Athens and came to Corinth." Now ...

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