by Jesse Hendley

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God's Grace (1 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
John 1:14-17

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like for you to turn with me to John, chapter 1, verses 14 through 17. First of all, let me say that today we are taking up one of the most amazing, one of the most glorious studies that the human mind can think about. It is the KEY to the whole of the Gospel. In fact, it is the KEY to the Heart of God! It is the KEY to the Bible. It is one word, a word that we find many times in our King James Version: the word GRACE. In the Greek it is charis. We want to study this one word today, because God says that our entire salvation and the salvation of those we love is DEPENDENT upon this marvelous truth called GRACE, the GRACE of GOD.

There are many people today who do not quite understand Grace because evidently the have not had the privilege of going into the study of this marvelous word. But it is one of the most important truths that you and I can know anything about. What do we MEAN by Grace? We say that we are "saved by GRACE." We have heard the word so much, and we have a tendency in our minds to think less of that which we hear often. But we should think of the word Grace in the sense of the word FAVOR. I am conscious, as I see that, that that does not exhaust all that the word means. Who can exhaust any ONE of these marvelous New Testament words with a SINGLE word? It is impossible. We will have to do same paraphrasing and give some explanations. But if you will just think of the word FAVOR as you come across the word Grace, it will be clearer to you. Think of GOD'S FAVOR upon us sinners, undeserving of that favor. God's Grace is God's favortoward us sinners.

I would like to say this also. You can say that Grace is God's favorable ATTITUDE, or God's favorable ACTS, toward us sinners. Grace is first of all an ATTITUDE in God. God has an attitude not of Judgment toward sinners but of FAVOR. Then God has favorable ACTIONS toward us. ...

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