by Jesse Hendley

Evolution or God -- Which?
Jesse M. Hendley

When a genuine Christian gets into real difficulty and needs a SHELTER in the time of storm he comes "Home." They all come around to that. It bears witness to two experiences I've had in the last year. Two people had tremendous upsets, and nothing delivered these two people but faith in the Lord Jesus and prayer! That's all that did it. Psychiatrists gave them up. Anything they had in terms of Human knowledge didn't help. But Jesus did. He is still THE SAVIOUR! There's never going to be another Saviour than Jesus!

I have here a clipping from a newspaper under the dateline of Washington, March 23, 1962. It tells of "the birthplace of man" and a "link" jawbone found in Africa.

Here's what "it says": "A British anthropologist has announced discovery of the jawbone of a strange creature not quite man and not quite ape."

(Now that's being in a mess, isn't it? That's being caught right in the middle of a mess; isn't it?)

"...believed to have lived in central Africa 14 million years ago." (I couldn't vouch for that. I wasn't there.)

He goes on to talk about the fossil remains and says that the fossil remains "fill one of the major gaps in the fragmentary story of human evolution." That paragraph alone would make us want to say we wouldn't want to put all our weight upon any theory that would have to talk in terms like that. Men will swallow the evolutionary theory or hypothesis with all of its "gaps," to the neglect of the Bible which is the Revelation of God.

This man says that the discovery made on an orange farm in Africa lends support to the theory that man made his first appearance on The Dark Continent. So instead of being born (as was originally thought) in another place, they are putting it here in Africa. "I have no doubt," he says, "that it was in Africa, in fact, in Central Africa, that man was born." That is what this stocky, white-haired scientist told the news conference o ...

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