by Jesse Hendley

God Feeds His People Bread from Heaven
Jesse M. Hendley
Exodus 16:4-21

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to Exodus the 16th chapter beginning with verse 4 and running through verse 21, we have the giving of the manna to the people in the wilderness. In this we have a marvelous thing. In verses 1 through 3 of the 16th chapter, we have the murmurings, the complaining in unbelief of the people. They thought Moses brought them into the wilderness to die, and they disbelieved God. But beginning with verse 4, how does God react to that murmuring and complaining? Well, in this case, in grace. Here the grace of God is a marvelous thing because He provides manna for them, bread from heaven there in the desert. That is an important thing for us to realize here in the Word of God.

Beginning with verse 4, "Then said the Lord unto Moses, Behold I will rain bread from heaven for you and the people should go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, or no." So the Lord is giving them manna, verses 4 through 6, God's loving provision for a rebellious, unbelieving, murmuring, complaining people. "I will rain bread from heaven." Isn't that a wonderful thing? Bread from heaven for you. Bread from heaven. Oh beloved friends, this is God directly taking care of His people, and He is proving them whether they will walk in His Word or not, whether they will believe Him or not. "And it shall come to pass, that on the sixth day they shall prepare that which they bring in; and it shall be twice as much as they gather daily." Now noticeverse 6. He says then shall ye know that I in love have brought you out. "And Moses and Aaron said unto all the children of Israel, At even, then ye shall know that the Lord hath brought you out from the land of Egypt." You will know this because God is taking care of you. They were blaming Moses back there in verses 2 and 3 for their dying in the wilderness o ...

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