by Steve Wagers

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Nothing to Live On, but Everything to Live For! (5 of 5)
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Mark 12: 41-44

Series: Money Talks, but What Does It Say?

1. As we conclude our series, through the month of November, "Money Talks, but What Does It Say?" I think of a rookie policeman who was taking a test. His lieutenant asked him, "Son, what strategy would you to take to disperse a threatening crowd?" The young rookie immediately said, "I would take up an offering!"

2. Sadly enough, that is the common stereotype whenever someone hears the words, "tithes or offerings." It is often perceived as a negative matter, when in reality, it should be presented as a positive matter. Giving to God is not designed to make us BITTER; it is designed to make us better. It should not be a time of gloom and drugdery, but it should be a time of gladness and delight.

3. As we conclude our study this morning, we come to the most heart-warming stories in the Word of God. It involves a SMALL; poor unnamed widow woman who gave everything she had to the Lord. She left that day with nothing to live, but she had everything to live for.

4. I recently read about a great man of parliament, an Englishman, who was on his way to make a very important speech in Scotland. However, as he near his destination, his carriage got stuck in the mud. He was exasperated because he did not want to be late for his speech. Across the field a Scottish farm lad had noticed the problem and recognized the famous man of Parliament. He approached the prestigious man and was absolutely awed by his presence.

5. The Scottish farm-lad told him that he would hook his team of horses to the horses pulling his carriage and the carriage would pull free. Then, the Englishman would be just in time for his speech. True to his word, the Scottish far lad did exactly what he said, and it worked. Just before he left, he asked the young man if he could help him in any way; yet, being an extremely timid and s ...

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