by Steve Wagers

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When We Give the Best, God Gives the Rest! (3 of 5)
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Proverbs 3:9-10

Series: "Money Talks: But What Does It Say?

1. The story is told of a circus athlete who earned his living by displaying astonishing feats of physical strength. His show would normally conclude with a simple, but impressive, demonstration of his ability to squeeze an orange dry. After completing this feat he would then challenge anyone in his audience to step forward and squeeze just one drop of juice from the crushed fruit.

2. On one occasion a little man volunteered. He was so small that his very appearance raised a laugh from the audience. However, undaunted, the man stepped onto the stage and took from the man the piece of fruit. He then braced himself and slowly began to squeeze. Every eye was on him, and the atmosphere was electric. No one had ever been able to successfully perform this. The man sqeezed the orange with every ounce of his strength. Then, suddenly, to everyone's amazement, a drop of orange juice feel to the floor.

3. The crowd was ecstatic, and for 10 minutes they gave a rousing ovation. After the cheers subsided, the athlete called the man forward, asked him his name, and then asked him, "Sir, how did you do it? No one has ever been able to accomplish this. How did you squeeze that one-drop of juice from that orange?"
The midget of man replied, "There was nothing to it. I happen to be the treasurer of the local Southern Baptist church!" (1)

4. As we continue our study, "Money Talks, but What Does It Say?" we come to a most interesting portion of Scripture. The content, as well as the context of these verses speak of giving God our very best. And, when we do give God our best, we are reminded that God then gives the rest.

5. I am reminded of a man who called the church and asked the secretary if he could speak to the "Head Hog at the Trough." The secretary said, "Who?" The man repeated, "I would like to spea ...

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