by Steve Wagers

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Sound Financial Advice from a Millionaire! (2 of 5)
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Ecclesiastes 5: 10-15

Series: "Money Talks: But What Does It Say?"

1. People, today, spend a lot money for someone to tell them what to do with their money, how to handle their money and where to put their money. A recent Gallup poll revealed that:
* 91% of Americans make more money than ever before
* 66% of Americans are more worried about their finances than ever before

2. Because of this, there has been a tremendous surge in American spending for financial advice and planning. In fact, last year alone, Americans spent over $22 million for financial consultation and advice. This has led economists to encourage upcoming, and recent college graduates to pursue a career in financial planning.

3. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial analysts and personal financial advisors held 239,000 jobs in 2002; financial analysts accounted for about 6 in 10 of the total. Many financial analysts work at the headquarters of large financial companies, several of which are based in New York. One-fourth of financial analysts work for security and commodity brokers, exchanges, and investment services firms; and one-fifth work for depository and nondepository institutions, including banks, credit institutions, and mortgage bankers and brokers. The remainder primarily works for insurance carriers, computer and data processing services, and management and public relations firms. About 1 in 7 personal financial advisors work for commercial banks, saving institutions, and credit unions. 1 The demand is ever increasing because people are seeking advice on what to do with their money.

4. I would love to introduce you to the greatest financial advisor of all time. In fact, this financial advisor gives such good advice that it has never been proven wrong. It carries a 100% track record with its financial advice and wisdom. I am speaking of the financial advisor known as t ...

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