by Stan Coffey

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The Evil Empire (17 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Daniel 2:28-49


At the current time, this is a great study for us because of our troops being stationed in Iraq and all that they are going through in Iraq trying to rebuild the country. With the emphasis this past week, the nations of the world gathered together in a conference to try to figure out how much they could give to the cause to the rebuilding effort to help the United States in its effort to rebuild Baghdad and to rebuild the country of Iraq. They do not know it but they are part of bible prophecy coming to pass because the scripture teaches that Iraq will rise again. Scripture teaches that in the last days, Babylon will be rebuilt. We don't know if this is the specific time that the bible refers to as the final rebuilding of Babylon but it could be. Because scripture definitely teaches that Babylon will rise again in the last days, that it will be a focal point of the nations of the world.
Last time we talked about the two cities, the City of Jerusalem and the City of Baghdad or the city of Babylon. And we saw how beginning even in the book of Genesis, these two cities have been prominent in bible history. We went all the way back to the book of Genesis and we saw that Nimrod founded the city of Babylon. From the very first, the city of Babylon was the city where false religion and where rebellion against God was founded. And then of course, Jerusalem was the place that later David claimed for his own city. We saw the contrast between these two cities. That Babylon was the city of evil and Jerusalem was the city of good. That Babylon was a hellish city and Jerusalem was a holy city. All through the centuries of time, this has been true even to our day. We saw when we looked at Revelation 18 that in the last days, Babylon would again be a city that is a hole for the habitation of demons and every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean an ...

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