by Stan Coffey

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Motives for Madness (15 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
I Timothy 4:1-2


We are studying the very part of the world where our troops are involved in a fight for Iraq freedom. The area of Iraq and even Iran was once the kingdom of Babylon. In the bible there are two representative kingdoms and two representative cities that you trace through the bible even into the end times and that is the kingdom of Israel and the kingdom of Babylon. One stands for righteousness, the other stand for unrighteousness. We have been tracing that through scripture going all the way back to the book of Genesis.

The madness we are talking about is the madness going on around the world but particularly the terrorism going on in Iraq. Of course, this week we saw terrorism again in Iraq. We saw the explosion that took place in the Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad and then in the other hotel in Baghdad that was occupied by the American press. Once again, Americans were the targets there, the American media. The terrorists believe that if they can frighten away the media, if they can frighten away American citizens then we will give up our resolve and we will turn tail and run. That is what they are trying to do, they are trying to frighten us away from the objective that we came to Iraq to do and that is to free the Iraqi people. They want us to run so the bad guys can move back in and take over and once again enslave the people and do what they have always done for hundreds and thousands of years. This is madness, killing innocent men and women and children. We saw in Turkey an act of madness. Turkey of course, has been an ally of the United States. Turkey is the only Arab nation who is a member of NATO. And being a member of NATO of course, they have been a friend to the West for many, many years. And is the reason that now they have become a target for the terrorists of Al Queda. They believe that Al Queda is behind the atta ...

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