by Stan Coffey

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Motives For Madness (13 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 21:8; 27


We are talking about the madness of terrorism. Terrorism is a real part of what is taking place in Iraq. Again this week and every week, we see terrorism as a real part of what we are fighting. The war on terror is a huge part of our response. Someone said this week that if we have another attack on America like the one we had September 11th, the famous attack on the Pentagon and on the World Trade Center, if we have another attack of that magnitude that the response of the United States could set off World War III. Because the United States will not tolerate another kind of attack such as that or one of even greater magnitude on our soil. It is believed that the terrorists, if they attack us again on our soil, could attack us with nuclear weapons or with biological weapons that would be much more terrible and much more devastating than the ones that were used on 9-11. Of course, we shutter to think of such a nightmare and we know that the reason we are in Iraq and the reason we went to Afghanistan and the reason that our troops perform so marvelously in both places was to take the fight to the enemy. And to take the fight where they are rather than let them come here, rather than fight on American soil we took the fight to them on their soil. It makes great sense to me because we know that we would rather see the fight there and meet them there and take the fight to them than have them come here to kill innocent people here. All of this is predicated in the bible and the scripture says that Babylon will rise again. This week we began to see some better news. If you watch a certain news channel you will see better news of things that are happening in Iraq. This week I noticed that they have a new mall in Iraq, a shopping mall. A fellow was interviewed in the shopping mall and he had never been in a mall before. We take a mall f ...

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