by Stan Coffey

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7 Bible Predictions About Modern Day Iraq-Iran (1 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 18:2


Now as we look at the lesson, I am going to give you a summary about what the Bible has to say about Iraq in Bible prophecy. Now Babylon in the Bible is what is now today as modern day Iraq and Iran. In fact, the kingdom of Babylon in Old Testament times covered the area that we know today as Iraq, Iran, and even more territory as Kuwait, Kutar and many other areas in that region of the world. At one time Babylon was a kingdom that ruled the entire world, but Babylon proper was Iraq and Iran. At one time, Iraq and Iran was one kingdom joined together, they were not two different countries, just one country. In Old Testament time, in 700 B.C. down to 500 B.C., the kingdom of Babylon ruled and reigned and they were the enemies of the people of Israel. And as you remember your Bible history, they came and conquered the nation of Israel and then the nation of Judah. At the time when Israel had been divided into two kingdoms and they took the Israelites into captivity. You might remember the psalmist that wrote how could we sing the song of the Lord in a strange land. And he said that they sat by the river and wept. And the river they sat by was the river Euphrates. You might remember when you studied the history of the world, you studied the Fertile Crescent and how the Fertile Crescent was the earliest known beginning of mankind. And the Fertile Crescent is modern day Iraq. There in the Fertile Crescent, we have the earliest beginnings of civilization, the earliest beginnings of man himself. We believe that in modern day Babylon, at the river Euphrates, was the Garden of Eden. Somewhere in that region the Garden of Eden existed and there was the place where God chose to begin the creation of Adam and Eve. And so there can be no more important place, as far as Bible prophecy is concerned, than Iraq. For years, we did not hear about Iraq, i ...

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