by Jim Henry

Told by an Angel
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Matthew 28:1-8

A couple from our church and another couple were at Lake Tahoe on a ski trip not so long ago. They decided to make one last run. When they got to the top of the ski slope something happened that they hadn't expected. Suddenly a snowstorm came upon them. El Nino had whipped up a lot of rain across that part of the country as well as ours and the rain at that elevation turned to a driving snowstorm. They found themselves in a snowstorm on top of a mountain; no one else was there and it was a definite "white out" where you couldn't see any distance at all. A certain amount of fear began to come upon them, as you can imagine, when they realized they could be stranded there, frozen to death or whatever. They couldn't see to get down because they didn't know the trails well enough.

Suddenly in that white, driving snowstorm they saw a figure in black approaching. A gray bearded man came toward them on skis and asked, "Do you need some help?" They answered, "We sure do!" He said, "Follow me." So, he led them down the trail. Slowly but surely, they made their way following him and they came to some places where it looked like there were two trails. He would be standing there saying, "Follow me, we're going this way." At four or five different places he would stop and say, "We're going this way." Finally they came to a spot on the trail and he said, "If you'll start right here you'll come to a place where you can get something hot to drink." With that he disappeared into the snow. They seemed to think that an angel had appeared to them and had guided them safely down the mountain. They were told by an angel how to get safely in.

I don't know about you, but I've never had an angel speak to me or touch me, although I do believe that angels do protect us because it is in the Bible. I'm not saying that an angel could not or would not, but I do know that 2000 years ago the Bible said that there we ...

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